Who is Sonia?

Sonia calls herself ‘The Accidental Entrepreneur’ because her journey to leadership was one that she never expected to take. With an extensive career in Human Resources and Training she experienced an unexpected turn of events when she was left a solo mother in a foreign country. Determined to make a life for herself and her daughter with little money she started working in Leadership Development and Consulting. She then founded a company called LeadershipHQ as way to help others discover and harness their own leadership capabilities.

Today she spends her time consulting, coaching and speaking around Australia about Leadership, Neuroscience and how to build great organisations and teams. As an author of 3 books on leadership, she is an authority in her field and is helping to shape current and future leaders.

Sonia’s Story.

Sonia McDonald is one of Australia’s top leadership coaches, facilitators, keynote speakers and authors. She is also the CEO and founder of LeadershipHQ. Sonia was named as one of the Top 250 Influential Women across the Globe and more recently named by Richtopia within the Top 100 Australian Entrepreneurs for 2018.

Sonia is shaking up the world of leadership. She’s changing the way we view leaders and uncovering incredible talent in people who previously thought they had little to none capability to lead others.

She has been published in The Australian, Business News Australia, Gold Coast Bulletin and is a regular on national radio in Leadership and is the creator of the podcast Just Rock It!

Sonia ultimately wants to reshape the field of leadership by making people feel empowered and inspired to be the best versions of themselves.

What allows Sonia to connect with her audience, whether as a speaker or a coach, is the breadth of her life experience, passion around leadership, and ability to help clients get transformational results.

Why work with Sonia?

Sonia is the person to help people discover what makes them rock, and assist organisations to tap into their greatest resources, their people.

She’s authentic, inspiring and action focused. She helps people by uncovering and drawing out their strengths and then showing them how to apply these gifts more effectively in both personal and work arenas. Sonia also shares and delivers her knowledge in an empowering, motivating and practical way.

She has a natural ability to connect and easily get her message across.

If you or your teams really want to rock and maximise the talents and strengths you already have, Sonia will show you how.

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